Dec 312013
Baked Huevos Rancheros

Looking for a recipe to cure your New Years Eve hangover and start your resolution all at once? Well here it is. Nutritional Highlights: Eggs are boasted as the “perfect protein” source, containing all the amino acids we need plus omega-3’s in the yolk. I used corn tortillas which have about half the fat and [read more…]

Dec 222013
Chocolate-Peppermint Popcorn

Around the holidays, everything is better covered in chocolate and peppermint. This is a fact. I was looking for a festive treat that wouldn’t take hours to make, and would feel decadent without putting me in a full blown sugar coma. So I came up with this Peppermint-Chocolate Popcorn (aka: christmas crack). Nutritional Highlights: I [read more…]

Dec 172013
Brie, Pear, & Honey Crostini

Tis the season…for potlucks. I’ve had three potluck events already this year, and I was getting a little tired of the kitchen (yep, even I feel that way sometimes). So here’s a simple and festive appetizer that looks a lot fancier than it is. This crostini is a twist on my favorite baked brie recipe [read more…]

Dec 072013
Challah French Toast and some big news

You’re probably thinking that Challah French Toast isn’t the most “cook-tush” approved meal, but some occasions just warrant a little french toast. For example, if your boyfriend coordinates with your entire family, flies to Chicago the day after Thanksgiving, completely shocks you, and PROPOSES, I would say he probably deserves some french toast. Yep, that [read more…]

Nov 262013

48 hours until my favorite day of the year! Yep, no other holiday even begins to come close to Thanksgiving in my book. No gifts, no stress, just good time with friends and family and lots and lots of food. Some people get stressed thinking of ways to make Thanksgiving diet friendly, but one day [read more…]

Nov 172013
Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Pomegranate

Gnocchi has been on my things-to-make list for a while now but I’ve always been a little intimidated. Well, I’m pretty glad I finally gave it a shot, because this is by far one of the best things I’ve made in a while. This fall-inspired sweet potato version is both healthier and way cooler than [read more…]