Mar 282014
Grain-free Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Ok, I finally gave in. Cauliflower pizza crust has been everywhere recently, and I have been a little hesitant to give it a shot for a few reasons. First of all, pizza is sacred. I’m all about healthifying recipes, but I have issues with messing too much with anything as perfect as pizza. Second, I [read more…]

Mar 212014
Out of the office!

I’m enjoying an amazingly relaxing (much needed) vacation with my family in Cabo this week! I’ll be back next week with new posts, but just wanted you to know that I’m still getting off my tush on vacation. I’ve made some great healthy lunches this week, but this one was probably the best- whole wheat [read more…]

Mar 092014
Grown-up Mac & Cheese

There are certain junk foods I’m OK with giving up, but mac and cheese is just never going to be one of those. Mac and cheese was a staple of my childhood–a special treat we got when we had a babysitter (along with grape soda). I’ve grown up a bit since then, and no longer [read more…]

Feb 232014
A Tale of Two Sliders...

This summer, my friend Erica Sweet Tooth and I auctioned off a dinner party at a charity auction. We knew that it couldn’t just be your average dinner party, but that we had to spice it up in Sweet Tooth/Cook Tush style. We went with a grown up comfort food menu including an “adult” lemonade [read more…]

Feb 092014
Dark Chocolate-Cherry Granola Bars

How can you let someone know that you love them this valentines day? Option A: Chocolate. Never fails. Option B: Make them something super healthy to let them know you want them to be around for a while. Well this granola bar recipe does both! I’ve had a few failed granola bar attempts–some were too [read more…]

Jan 292014
Buffalo Quinoa Bites

As a person who is pretty ambivalent about the sport of football, you might be surprised to hear that I LOVE the Super Bowl. It’s not because of the commercials or even the halftime show (although these both beat the main attraction in my eyes). It’s about the excuse to eat as much junk food [read more…]

Jan 212014
Kale Caesar Salad

Kale Caesar is SO hot right now. It’s on the menu at every trendy restaurant, disguised as the healthy choice. Don’t get my wrong, kale is amazing for you, but drowning in heavy dressing and covered in cheese, it’s only slightly healthier than the original. My version is not only way healthier but equally flavorful. [read more…]