Apr 142010
Roasted Chickpeas

I’ve realized recently, that while it’s pretty easy to come up with healthy and delicious meal ideas, snacks are a whole other animal. I know when I think of “healthy snacks”, my mind goes to an apple, or some carrot sticks. But sometimes those things just don’t cut it. Around 4 pm every day at [read more…]

Apr 082010
Turkey Meatballs

As much as I love making healthy food, I’d be lying if I said that all “healthified” recipes are as good as the original. Tofu is just not the same as chicken, a chocolate chip cookie CANNOT be made without butter, and fat free cheese does not hold a candle to the good full fat [read more…]

Apr 052010
Lemon and White Wine Salmon Packets

The weather in New York over the the past few days has been unreal. Layout on the roof, frolic through central park, smile for no reason kind of weather. And when the weather starts to change, I find myself craving fresh, springy food. So tonight, even though I knew I was going to be eating [read more…]

Apr 032010
"Healthy" Carrot Cupcakes

You probably looked at the title of this post and thought, can carrot cake really be healthy? Well, to be completely honest, no. BUTTT this version is definitely a major improvement from your run of the mill carrot cake. It’s impossible and ridiculous to forbid yourself from eating any delicious Easter or Passover (or both [read more…]

Mar 292010
Soy-Ginger Chicken Stir Fry

There’s something so craveable about Chinese take-out. Who doesn’t love eating out of little white cardboard boxes? But with Chinese food, as with many other delicious delivery jems, ignorance is bliss. Well, get ready to be brought into the light. One egg roll packs about 20 grams of fat, an order or orange chicken has [read more…]

Mar 262010
Granola and a shout out to Mom

There are two important things this post is going to accomplish. 1) share my recipe for a healthier homemade granola, and 2) serve as the birthday card I forgot to send my mom. So happy birthday mom, from you responsible, thoughtful daughter. But this really is a perfect post to dedicate to my beautiful mother [read more…]

Mar 252010
Minestrone Soup

If you’ve been around me in the past, oh, year, then you know I’ve been talking big game about starting a healthy cooking blog. And just when I was about to cross that thin line between building suspense and everyone completely losing interest, here it is! As a food lover and a nutrition enthusiast (and [read more…]