Jun 182010
Spring Vegetable Soup with Pesto

A few weeks ago I made another trip to my new favorite place in the world…the union square farmers market.  Twas a brisk, end-of-spring, evening and I saw some local asparagus and leeks so, as per usual, I bought them with little to no direction as to what to do with them.  As I was [read more…]

Jun 112010
Chicken Breasts with Mushroom-Balsamic Sauce

I was in a chicken rut.  Boneless skinless chicken breasts are a definite go to because it’s healthy and easy and inexpensive.  But how many times a week can you really eat the same old, dried-out, overdone (figuratively and literally) grilled chicken breasts?  Lately I’ve been trying to mix up my chicken routine. First it [read more…]

Jun 082010
Vegetable Fried Brown Rice

A few weeks ago my friend made this amazing Chinese inspired dinner–cashew chicken and fried rice.  Although the Cashew chicken was the star, the fried rice was so great that I started concocting ways I could amp up the nutrition in the rice and make it a complete meal.  My version here is vegetarian but [read more…]

Jun 012010
Bride and Groom Strawberries

I have to apologize for being so MIA this past week.  But, I’m pretty confident that a large percentage of my likely small population of readers was just as busy with my sister’s wedding festivities as I was.  It was all pretty surreal: my sister becoming a Mrs, inheriting a big brother, and having the [read more…]