Jul 162010
Black Bean Burgers and Edamole

In the winter, summer seems like a distant dream, filled with sunshine and happiness.  Now that it’s here, it’s filled with sweaty nights, frizzy hair, and a lofty AC bill.  So, I try to remember the things that I love about summer, one of those things being burgers.  I’ve been wanting to make a black [read more…]

Jul 132010
Zucchini Bread

I absolutely love all breakfast bread products: banana bread, bagels, biscuits…can’t get enough.  Let’s be honest though, who doesn’t love those things?  Too bad they’re usually packed with refined flours and sugars and are just waiting to give you a terrible start to your day.  The kind of start that will make you crave sugar [read more…]

Jul 012010
Roasted Vegetable Lasagna Roll-ups

One of the ultimate comfort foods to me is lasagna.  My mom makes the most ridiculous lasagna-with italian sausage, lots of cheese, and a fresh sauce.  But, I’m not the chubby 8 year old I used to be, so meaty, cheesy lasagna, as heartbreaking as it is, isn’t really in my repertoire anymore.  I created [read more…]

Jun 292010
Garlic-Ginger Shrimp Stir Fry with Oranges

In my apartment, we receive the trifecta of cooking magazines.  My roommate gets Food and Wine and I get Bon Apetit and Cooking Light.  Now usually I just flip through to get ideas and so salivate a little over the beautiful food photos, but last month there was a recipe I saw in Cooking Light [read more…]

Jun 252010
Wild Mushroom-Chevre Crostini

My last post touched on some of my food regrets.  Not regrets as in I regret eating that 4th cookie…Regret as in I waited way to long in life to discover this incredible food.  Two of the items on that list were mushrooms and goat cheese.  So this post is an ode to just those [read more…]

Jun 222010
Falafel and Greek Quinoa Salad

There are a few things that I waited WAY to long in life to start eating.   1) Goat Cheese: Until college I didn’t really know this creamy cheese existed, and if I had, I probably would have been grossed out by the idea of eating cheese from a goat.  But I would have been [read more…]