Apr 042011
Back to Basics: Blackened Grilled Chicken Breast

I have to admit, I’m guilty of overcomplicated-recipe making.  Recipes that require you to go out and buy random, expensive ingredients like bulgar, forbidden rice, or tahini to name a few.  Sometimes you just want something basic, versatile, quick, and cheap.  Well, if you have some chicken breasts and a well stocked spice rack then you’re [read more…]

Mar 292011
Breakfast is better in Cabo

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana…but something about it was just better this morning…

Mar 262011
Leaving for Cabo!

Heading out for a family vacation in Cabo so I will NOT be getting off my tush this week.  See you guys next Saturday!  Hopefully I will be a happier, tanner, calmer person by then…. (and no, I didn’t take this, but had to make you guys a little jealous…)

Mar 212011
Not your average Pizza and Salad

Ever since I discovered that my favorite pizzeria near the hospital sells their amazing whole wheat dough, I’ve gotten a little pizza happy.  Now, I don’t think you can ever eat too much pizza (my best friend and I have a brilliant plan to make millions by creating a “pizza cleanse” but we’re still figuring out [read more…]

Mar 132011
Asian Salmon Packets with Sesame Forbidden Rice

Last week in my nutrition class we had a lecture on Fat.  Yep, we have whole weeks of class dedicated to one nutrient.  While we did talk about the “bad” kinds of fat–hydrogenated oils, trans fats, etc, what I found the most interesting was about the “good” fats.  We always hear obscure things about how great [read more…]