Mar 082012
Lentil Veggie Loaf

Growing up, meatloaf was a dinner staple for my family(not to mention my dad’s all time favorite food). As we became more health conscious through the years we switched from ground beef, to lean ground sirloin, to ground turkey, to lean ground turkey. This version takes meatloaf to a whole new level, taking the meat [read more…]

Feb 222012
Thai Cashew Chili Sauce with Tofu

I find that in the winter, I do a lot more sitting on my tush and ordering delivery than getting off my tush and cooking.  My latest takeout obsession has been this thai food, particularly this cashew chili sauce they make at my neighborhood spot.  So I decided to recreate it last week.  I was [read more…]

Feb 142012
Pear, Fig, and Walnut Bran Muffins

Happy Valentines Day!  Nothing says “I love you” like fiber, right?  Ok, fine, I admit it.  I had a total planning fail and didn’t get my act together to make a cute lovey dovey valentines treat.  So I’m posting these bran muffins instead.  Why eat something covered in hearts when you have something good for [read more…]

Feb 072012
Go Giants! (And Mini Buffalo Chicken Meatballs)

I know I’m supposed to care that the Giants won the Super Bowl yesterday, and I guess I do, but what I REALLY care about is how awesome our game day snacks were.  When I heard that the Meatball Shop (one of my favorite spots in NYC) had a recipe for Mini Buffalo Chicken Meatballs, [read more…]

Feb 022012
Healthy Chicken Tikka Masala

I try to represent a good variety of food genres at tush cook.  I’ve done plenty of asian, mexican, italian, american…but never Indian.  It’s always intimidated me–partially because I don’t own most of the spices required in the recipes.  So I decided to start with something very simple and mainstream (and also something my sister [read more…]

Jan 272012
Sweet Potato Skins with Gruyere and Pancetta

Do you know what day of the year American’s consume the most calories? Thanksgiving? Nope. Christmas? Ho ho NO.  It’s actually Super Bowl Sunday.  The holiday celebrating beer, junk food, and big dudes tackling each other.  These baked sweet potato skins are a great addition to your junk food spread and can even be considered [read more…]