Jun 032012
Engagement Cookies for Erica Sweet Tooth!

The benefit to having the worlds best baking blogger, Erica Sweet Tooth, as your best friend–she makes something absurdly delicious for every important occasion (see: my giant s’more birthday cake).  But that means, that when something huge happens to her, such as, oh I don’t know, getting engaged, someone has to step up and bake [read more…]

May 312012
Strawberry-Farro Salad with Feta and Balsamic

In typical New York fashion, the weather has been completely unpredictable.  Pouring one day, beautiful the next, and it’s latest mood–way way too hot for the end of May.  When it gets hot, I crave salads.  I wanted to make a refreshing side for my memorial day cook-out in, and  I actually could smell the strawberries [read more…]

May 232012
Spicy Zucchini "Fries" with Marinara Dip

I’m not proud of it, but every so often after a late night out on the weekend, judgment slightly clouded, I stop by an amazing place that is dangerously close to my apartment–pomme frites.  What do they make there?  You guessed it–french fries and only french fries.  With about 50 dipping sauce options.  At the [read more…]

May 162012
Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza with Arugula

If you’ve read my blog before, you probably know by now that pizza is my favorite food.  It’s not even a contest.  You’d think that a future nutritionist would try to pick something a little more vegetabely as a favorite food, but then I’d be lying.  Reasons I love pizza include but are not limited [read more…]

May 102012
BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad

As much as I love eating at cozy, local restaurants, I have a weakness for a few chains.  Number one, my favorite of all which I am actually currently digesting, is Chipotle.  The second, which was a regular hang-out destination for my friends and I in high school, is Cheesecake Factory.  Now, at both of [read more…]

May 032012
Spring Vegetable Mediterranean Orzo

I was walking through Whole Foods today with absolutely no idea what I wanted to blog about this week.  Then, in front of me, appeared a massive display asparagus.  Not just any asparagus…local asparagus.  That’s when you know it’s officially spring…when the local produce starts popping up all around you.  Then right next to it [read more…]

Apr 262012
Blueberry Coconut-Pecan Breakfast Cookies

Yep, you read the title right.  Cookies for breakfast.  If that doesn’t make you excited then I don’t know what will.  I know what you’re thinking…cookies are pretty un-cook-tush-like as it is, especially at 9 in the morning.  But these “cookies” are incredibly healthy, filling, and delicious, and even though I’m calling them breakfast cookies, [read more…]