Sep 112013
Seared Scallops & Tomato-Corn Succotash

I cook so often, that it is relatively rare that I use an ingredient I never have used before. Well, this was an exception. This was my very first scallop endeavour, and I have to say it went pretty darn well. Not sure why I was scared of the little guys. Maybe it was the [read more…]

Sep 022013
Grilled Vegetable and Heirloom Tomato Farro

Labor day has come and gone, which to me signals the end of summer. As much as I’m excited for the return of sweaters, boots, and brussel sprouts, I’m still feeling like summer has gone way too quickly. So, I made this super healthy farro dish, with tons of grilled summer vegetables and those last [read more…]

Aug 252013
Blueberry Mint Mojitos

Happy Birthday to me! Yep, yesterday was the day that I officially became closer to 30 than I am to 20. Since 26 sounds like such an adult age to me, I thought what better way to celebrate than by making a delicious adult beverage?Like any good foodie’s birthday should be, mine was a weekend [read more…]

Aug 192013
Peach, Burrata, & Basil Crostini

Oh HEY there! I’m finally back from my blogcation. But really, it wasn’t quite as relaxing as you might think. I was busy working with Kristy from to move the blog over to wordpress and give it a spiffy new look. What do you think? And don’t worry, I was still cooking up a [read more…]

Jul 252013
Buffalo Chicken Burgers

When I was a little kid (a chubby little kid, to be specific), I used to think a burger was just a greasy beef patty between a smushy white bun that usually came out of a little box with a toy and some french fries. Sometimes it even had a yellow piece of “cheese” (I [read more…]

Jul 152013
Shrimp Fra Diavolo over Zucchini Linguine

One of my favorite features of my new apartment is the little herb garden I’ve started in the windowsill. Well, it’s actually a bit generous to even call it a garden, really it’s just three little pots.  And while we’re being honest, I should probably confess that I’ve already killed 2 of the 3 plants [read more…]

Jul 072013
Apricot, Kale, and Quinoa Salad

It’s that season again.  No, I don’t mean summer.  I mean oven hibernation season.  When you live in a 500 square foot apartment in New York City, 90 degree temperatures and oven use just don’t mix (unless, of course, you’re trying to do bikram yoga in your living room).  So, I rely on easy recipes [read more…]