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  1. Hello Marissa! I was curious as to where you where going to school to become a registered dietician? I’ve been looking for a good credible one for college, thanks!

  2. Hi Marissa!
    I love love love your recipes! I was wondering, do you have a twitter or Instagram where you post your latest recipes? I’d love to see links when you post them. :)


    • Hi Laura! I’m working on getting all those going and will keep you posted. For now, you can follow my page on facebook so you can see when the latest posts go up. Thanks for reading :)


  3. Oh my…I just discovered your blog and I must say that I am TOTALLY in love with your recipes!!! I have celiac disease and struggle to find healthy, delicious meals that I am able to eat. Your recipes have truly inspired me to get off my tush and cook!

  4. im tryng to find out where i can buy edible carrot seed oil to make carrot seed soup.. haveing a hard time finding it

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