Welcome! I’m Marissa, creator of Get Off Your Tush and Cook.  By day I’m am a cancer researcher and clinical nutrition grad student, and by night I’m a self-proclaimed master chef and nutritionista. I love being healthy but I love tasty food even more. And, wonderfully enough, I’ve learned that you don’t have to give up one to have the other.

I’m not any type of vegan-tarian-ivore and I don’t agree with any diet that bans entire food groups (sorry Dr. Adkins, may he rest in peace). I do, however, believe in eating a variety of real, whole foods that don’t come out of a box, or a bag, or a drive through window. I also know that food tastes better and is better for you when you get off your tush and make it yourself. So that’s why I started this healthy cooking blog. To share with you my passion for healthy cooking and maybe even inspire you to get in the kitchen a bit more.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Marissa, I love the look of your new site! I discovered your old site a couple months ago, and have been hooked ever since. I love your healthy and creative takes on recipes. I feel like we have the exact same “taste” in food. The photos are a fantastic guide to make sure my cooking attempt comes out as good looking and tasting as yours. My husband, who prefers less-than-healthy food, has become a convert too. I would love to see a “Get Off Your Tush & Cook” Pinterest page, I’m sure you would gain a lot of fans. Keep up the fantastic work! I will continue sharing your great recipes with my friends and family. :)

    Sarah K

  2. Hi Marissa,
    Great website and recipes. I came across your side by accident when I was searching for a recipe on Kale – Quinoa salad and tried yours. It turned out so great that I ended up making the same salad the next day again. Keep that blog going… and I so support your view on healthy nutrition. It is a life style and requires work, and part of that work is definitely doing some at home cooking. Restricting yourself from certain foods is not a long term solution. Good point ! So keep so recipes coming .. I cannot wait to try them all :-)

  3. Marissa,
    Thank you for your Website and Recipes.. I too am a FOODIE and believe that all Food groups when put together by one’s self make the most amazing meal creations; I have been searching for a Kale / Quinoa salad recipe and came across this one and can not wait to try it. I am making it for my sisters wedding and just know it will be a forever keeper in my own household. My passion for Nutrition is extensive, I too studied Holistic Nutrition but have only kept it to my own / family arena.. I have not expanded on it.. yet… I love to hear others stories and wisdom and try other’s recipes.. I cant wait to read more on your blog..


  4. loved your muffin tin portions is how I came to your website, and looking forward to trying your receipes, and making something delish, nutrish, and I can easily grab..after injury last week and rehabing home alone and in wheelchair/walker looking to simplify and make something easy but not casserole size.
    Thank you for giving me some inspirational ideas to make from my walker :)

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