Jan 052013

Happy New Year!  I’m excited to get my tush cooking again with some new healthy recipes for 2013!  I’m working on a few this weekend so stay tuned.  In the meantime, I was home in Chicago for the holidays and we made a few pretty tasty things that I want to share.  Obviously I lugged my big camera there only to discover that the battery was dead, so please excuse the iphone photos in this post.  Had to share this first recipe, because it is beef!! Something you don’t see too often on tush cook…but this was the most amazing beef tenderloin I have ever had! (and a little beef every once in a while won’t kill ya).

My family always expects me to know how to cook everything, but when my dad brought home this giant beef tenderloin, I didn’t really know where to start.  So we sat down and found this video on fine cooking and just did exactly what we were told.  It started with a quick sear of the beef to get a nice crust, then got a yummy rub of whole grain mustard, garlic, and lots of dried herbs, and then went into the oven to roast until it hit 120 degrees (for medium rare).  Along with some roasted brussel sprouts, potatoes, and salad, it was the perfect meal for a low key New Year’s Eve.

Along with the beef tenderloin we got at Costco, I insisted that we buy this ginormo container of beautiful blueberries.  Despite my mom’s warning (challenge?) that there was no way I would eat them all, I promised I would.  When I obviously did not achieve that by the end of my trip, I decided on a whim to make some homemade blueberry pancakes.  I followed this recipe from Damn Delicious almost exactly with the exception of adding some ground flax seed and swapping some whole wheat flour to make them even healthier.  They were absolutely amazing and super healthy (until I loaded on the maple syrup that is).  Oatmeal and greek yogurt might be odd sounding ingredients for pancakes, but you have to have to try it.

All in all, 2012 was a great year with the highlight definitely being the arrival of my nephew, Owen, on Halloween.  He just so happened to also be my New Year’s kiss.  Can you think of anything better than  this?

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  1. Dying over the photo of Owen in his “cool like my auntie” getup!

  2. What a great website / blog! I love it!

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