Oct 312012

Happy Halloween!  If you live any where on the east coast and you’re like me, you may have completely forgotten it was Halloween.  Since Monday night I have been without power, hot water, internet, and cell phone service.  Last night, I had to watch a movie on a laptop shared with 4 other people (gasp!).  I have been surviving on peanut butter and tortilla chips.  I’m certain this is what it must have been liked during the dark ages.  Well, it will be an extra spooky Halloween tonight in the pitch black, wild-wild west village.  Hope yours is a little less dark than mine! 

I made this simple spooky snack about a week ago and almost forgot to post it today.  I can’t think of an easier festive treat than these apple mouthes.  All they are are apple wedges with a slit cut out, filled with melted salted caramel and decorated with peanut or yogurt raisin “teeth”.  It’s also healthier than your average halloween candy bar and a whole lot more creative.  Wish I had time for a longer blog post for you all but internet is sparce around these parts!

Most importantly, my sister is currently in labor with my first little pumpkin of a nephew.  Expect a baby boy themed blog post *hopefully* very soon!!!  Happy Halloween!!

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