Jun 032012

The benefit to having the worlds best baking blogger, Erica Sweet Tooth, as your best friend–she makes something absurdly delicious for every important occasion (see: my giant s’more birthday cake).  But that means, that when something huge happens to her, such as, oh I don’t know, getting engaged, someone has to step up and bake for her.  And although homemade sugar cookies with royal icing aren’t a standard cook-tush activity, to celebrate this great couple’s engagement, I made one of Erica’s own recipes, and decorated them in a lovey engagement theme in her signature colors.  Congratulations Erica and Ryan!!!

I’m not going to tell you this was a quick and easy process,  but it was worth it for the beautiful results.  And when you have a friend as amazing and thoughtful as Erica, it’s not hard to take a little extra time to make something special for her.

And here they are, the happy couple.  Or maybe not 100% happy, because I’m forcing Ryan to put one of my cookie rings on Erica’s hand while I take a picture.

Check out the recipe I used over on Erica’s blog: http://www.ericasweettooth.com/2009/12/snowflake-sugar-cookies.html.  I can’t exactly endorse any health benefits of this recipe, but who cares, it’s a special occasion and we’re going to celebrate with lots of sugar and butter!  Congratulations to Erica and Ryan!!

  2 Responses to “Engagement Cookies for Erica Sweet Tooth!”

  1. How cute! What a great way to celebrate an engagement

  2. Adorable! Congrats Erica!

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