Aug 242011

This weekend I went home to celebrate my birthday (early) with my family.  Like any normal person, I insisted on cooking my own birthday dinner on Saturday night.  I absolutely love cooking at home–spacious kitchen, every appliance I could need, and best of all, free groceries magically fill the pantry and fridge (free for me at least)!  I’ve been on a burger kick this summer, so I decided to fancy-it-up with “slider night”.

Another benefit of cooking at my parents’ house, is access to my mom’s incredible tomato garden.  They’re so far out of the league of any grocery store tomato I’ve ever had.  I forgot to photograph it, but I made a simple salad of sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, and basil and it was completely perfect.  Attempt at artistic shot of my mom picking tomatoes below.  

And attempt at capturing how pretty   the yard is.    I guess all this city living is making me a little home sick and nature sick.  Sidewalks and smelly piles of garbage just don’t cut it, I guess.  

OK, focus.  Back to slider night.  So the 3 burgers I made were  1) an open faced italian chicken burger on a toasted whole wheat baguette slice with fresh mozzarella, tomato, and pesto, 2) a spicy crab cake (not really a burger) with guacamole and 3) a traditional sirloin burger with swiss cheese, BBQ sauce, and caramelized onions.  Slider night can be a great way to get creative, impress your guests, and hey, everything is healthy when it’s tiny, right?

recipes to be added later…tomorrow’s my birthday and I’ll be lazy if I want to!

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  1. It was amazing! Happy birthday tushcook!

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