Aug 172011

A few weeks ago, when I posted my Balsamic Chicken with Caprese cous cous, you might have noticed a yummy looking asparagus salad hiding in the corner, and probably longed to know more about it.  Or maybe you didn’t even notice it and don’t really care, but here it is anyway.  A light, fresh salad, with only 4 ingredients and no cooking required.  

After going way to long with out a mandolin or even a grater, once I got one, I had to find an appropriate way to use it.  After seeing this recipe on smitten kitchen a few months back, I had to make it.  It’s really a recipe that screams “spring” but hey, it’s America, you can get good asparagus all year round so I said what the heck.  After ribboning my asparagus, I tossed with toasted pine nuts, shave parmesan, fresh lemon juice, olive oil (and salt and pepper, so I guess it’s technically 6 ingredients).  I’m not going to say this was the most mind blowingly flavorful dish I’ve ever made, but it was so fresh and light and the perfect pairing with a bold main dish.  

Nutritional highlights:People love to talk about how great it is to eat raw foods, and while I’m not going to stop cooking food any time soon, I do know that for certain vegetables, you loose some of the nutritional value in the cooking process.  This recipe keeps the integrity of the asparagus, a nutritional powerhouse full of vitamin K, folate, and Vitamin C.  Toasted pine nuts and parmesan do add a little fat, but also protein and dairy.  Olive oil and lemon juice add some healthy fat and a nice acidic kick to make the dish even fresher.  

Ribboned Asparagus Salad
recipe at Smitten Kitchen

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