Feb 052011
So this isn’t a real blog post.  At least not a normal tush cook post.  But I had to post this birthday cake for two reasons.  1) It’s a very important person’s 25th birthday, and 2) It’s ridiculously awesome (I’m working on modesty).  

 So the way this worked was 2 different types of cookie dough (regular chocolate chip cookie dough and a double chocolate brownie cookie dough).  I made the 25 and then surrounded it with the regular cookie dough.  Then I baked the cookie for 20-25 minutes, let it cool, and decorated with frosting and sprinkles.

And here’s the result!  Hopefully Jeff doesn’t look at my blog in the next hour and a half because I’m bring it to his birthday dinner as a surprise.  Shhhh.  Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

  6 Responses to “Birthdays aren’t healthy days…but it’s ok!”

  1. I love your cookie cakes and this one looks extra good with the brownie sections. You’re making me hungry!!!!!

  2. This is spectacular- my new goal in life is to try and replicate it. Did you come across any struggles creating it? How did you shape/spread the doughs?

  3. I’m so glad you like it!! It really wasn’t as complicated as it looks–just made 2 cookie doughs separately, then formed the 25 by hand with the chocolate one, and then surrounded it with chunks of the regular cookie dough, pressing it so it all came together. I was also thinking it would be cool to make the 25 in sugar cookie dyed a bright color with food coloring to make it stand out.

  4. wow! that’s pretty cool, I love it! What did he think of it??

  5. Just got referred to your blog by someone and I totally love it :) But I had to comment on this post because that is seriously the most awesome idea/cake/cookie/brownie ever. So creative!!!

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